Insurance for Breweries

Brewing Process

Protecting your business against yeast contamination, brewing liquor contamination, leakage, stoppage, ullage.

If there is damage or fault in any part of your processes, such as machinery breakdown, it can have an impact on your entire brewery business.

Our insurance for processes provides cover for:

  • Loss of revenue arising from yeast contamination
  • Cover for re-growing yeast culture from the National Collection of Yeast Cultures or another source
  • Machinery and equipment breakdown
  • Loss of profit arising from brewing liquor contamination
  • Loss of profit if supply is interrupted
  • Loss of profit following closure or reduction in output due to instructions of any statutory authority following accidental leakage of sewage or ullage

At Willis Brew, we tailor all of our policies to meet the individual needs of different breweries, understanding that each will be exposed to their own unique risks.