Insurance for Breweries


As a business, it is important to protect your income and profits, as it a vital part of ensuring your business continues trading.

Protecting your income and profit is paramount for the continuation of your brewery business. That is why we design insurance policies that are tailored to your requirements.

We can insure your business for:

  • Business Interruption – protection of your profit, as well as help and assistance to allow you to consider contract brewing of your products elsewhere. It also pays all staff wages and retaining your sales staff, enabling you to keep your customers while you rebuild your business
  • Money – all of our policies have a Money section with various sums insured to insure cash taken, even at events away from premises
  • Theft – should you fall victim to theft or robbery, ensure your income and profits suffer as little damage as possible
  • Business growth – cover can automatically cater for growth in your business by up to a third.

Cover automatically extends to include brewery tours and participation in beer festivals, exhibitions, sales of your goods in your own and others shops, farmers markets and food fairs and also caters for sale of waste products for animal feed, ensuring all aspects of your income and profits are fully protected.