Insurance for Breweries

Route to Market

We want to help ensure that the process of getting your product on the market is as seamless as possible. 

We can provide:

  • Credit Insurance - Protect all of your debt from your customers
  • Loss of revenue and Business Interruption Insurance - Our policies can cover your loss of revenue if any of your key customers and suppliers suffer a fire or other insured damage at their premises
  • Denied Access cover - If access to your premises is denied as a result of damage in the vicinity of your premises or on orders of the police or local authority, your loss of profit is protected under our policy
  • Product Recall - This provides not only for recall costs but also for the cost of rehabilitating your brand following an insured incident
  • Contamination cover – financially protecting your business should it suffer contamination of raw materials and stock
  • Loss of License – Specific to industry, this covers the cost of incomes and profit your business would suffer as a result of losing your license. Please note that the policy we provide will not pay for claims due to your own intentional acts, errors or omissions.

If your business is exposed to other risks, such as Terrorism, we have the capabilities to ensure that all aspects of your business are covered and that your key customers, income and profits, and products are fully insured.